What Makes PALS Unique?

We are the only mothers’ morning out in Rome and Floyd County.

  • Our class sizes are small.
  • The student-teacher ratio is low.
  • Our co-op program enhances parent involvement.
  • Parents who co-op pay lower tuition.
  • Children may attend one, two or three days per week.
  • We specialize in less structure & more child-directed activities.

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What Makes PALS unique . . .

Our mission is to provide a loving and learning environment for children and a support ministry to their families.

Our educational philosophy is based on the theories of Jean Piaget and Erik Erikson. We believe that:
• The primary developmental task for a baby, is to develop a sense of trust. If, when babies cry, someone usually helps them – changes their diapers, feeds them, comforts them – the babies realize that the world is generally a safe and trustworthy, and not a frightening place. Once that foundation of trust is laid, they can move to the next stage of development.
• The primary developmental task for a toddler is independence. That is why their favorite word becomes, “No!” And it is why they want to “do it myself!” When toddlers are allowed to do things for themselves, in a setting where they can be successful, they develop a sense of independence and are free to move on to their next task.
• The primary developmental task of children ages 3 – 5 years old is to play, to explore, to initiate activities, and to test limits. Children who are allowed to play, to make reasonable choices, to explore a safe environment, and to experience appropriate limits, at this age, will naturally turn to learning to read, write and do arithmetic when they are about 6 years old.

Therefore, at PALS, we provide children with opportunities to do things for themselves, while giving them enough guidance to enable them to succeed.
We comfort them when they fail and encourage them to give it another try.
We understand that children respond best to simple, concise instructions.
We follow a regular daily schedule, while allowing for flexibility as needed.
We provide children with appropriate choices and time to finish what they are doing.


Developmentally Appropriate Practices

• We believe that children learn best through play, hands-on experience & repetition.

• We maintain a balance of child-directed play and teacher-directed activities.

• We offer opportunities for a child to make choices for activities and play.

• We expect children to participate in group times – story and circle time.

• We offer creative activities to stimulate the child’s interest while providing free play time for a child to explore a safe and loving environment with other children.

Co – Op

Parents may choose to work as a teacher’s helper, in the Baby or Toddler Room once a month to reduce their monthly tuition.  This also provides an opportunity to get to know other children and parents at PALS.