PALS offers parents two tuition options for children
babies through PreKindergarten:
Option #1: Co-op Program: Parent works once a month as a teacher’s helper,
in the baby room or the toddler room
for reduced tuition and increased involvement.
Option #2: Full Tuition: Parents do not work and pay full tuition.

TUITION for Fall 2023

for children ages 6 months through PreK

                            Co-op                   Full Tuition

 1 day/week …..   $93/month            $128/month
2 days/week ….. $128/month          $173/month
3 days/week ….. $165/month          $210/month
4 days/week . ..  $200/month          $245/month

Registration/supply fee:  $95

$60 for a second/third child
Registration/supply fee is non-Refundable
And due upon registration & again each August

Tuition for Fall 2023 for Kindergarten

                           Co-op                   Full Tuition

1 day/week …..   $95/month            $130/month
2 days/week ….. $220/month          $265/month
3 days/week ….. $230/month          $275/month
4 days/week . ..  $240/month          $285/month

Registration fee for Kindergarten is $125

For Kindergarten: Registration fee is due upon registering.

August tuition must be paid by June 1 and is non refundable.

Tuition for Fall 2023 for Homeschool Gathering

Registration fee for Homeschool Gathering is $95
$95/month – 1 day/week
Wednesdays, 9 am – 1 pm

Sibling Discounts:

  • 2ndand 3rdchildren in a family pay reduced registration fee, $60.
  • Families that choose to participate in our coop program, pay co-op tuition for a 2ndchild, with no obligation for work a 2ndco-op day – a $40 value. (Kindergarten is the exception.)
  • Families with a child in Kindergarten and also a younger child(ren) at PALS, must work a second co-op day in order to pay co-op kindergarten tuition.
  • Families paying full tuition, pay full tuition for their first two children.
  • Families with three children in PALS pay half-tuition for the third child.
  • Homeschool families pay 1/2 tuition for 2nd & 3rd siblings in the homeschool class.

Tuition is paid through Kindertales, a childcare management company.