Homeschool Gathering

PALS Homeschool Gathering

A drop-off class for homeschooled children.


9 a.m. – 1 p.m.   –  September through May

18 children with two teachers

Homeschool Gathering will reopen
September 2021

with Jeanette Long and Markie Stroupe as teachers

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$85/month for one day/week
Registration fee. . . $75
We work with our homeschool parents, to supplement & support
what they are doing at home.

Our teachers this year are Jeannette Long and Markie Stroupe.

We limit our homeschool class to 18 children.



Fun with Friends: Games, Stories, Read Aloud 

Field Trips

Terell Shaw, from
Arrowhead Environmental Center

Volunteer Opportunities

Ruth and Naomi Shelter

Caroling at Fifth Avenue Nursing Home


For more information, contact Deborah Lewis at

To download a registration form: RegistrationFormHomeschool