Homeschool Gathering

PALS Homeschool Gathering

A drop-off class for homeschooled children.


9 a.m. – 1 p.m.   –  September through May

18 children with two teachers

with Markie Stroupe and Linley Wheat as teachers

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$95/month for one day/week
Registration fee. . . $95
  • Homeschool families pay 1/2 tuition for 2nd & 3rd siblings in the homeschool class.
We work with our homeschool parents, to supplement & support
what they are doing at home.

Our teachers this year are Markie Stroupe and Linley Wheat.

We limit our homeschool class to 18 children.



Fun with Friends: Games, Stories, Read Aloud 

Field Trips

Terell Shaw, from
Arrowhead Environmental Center comes to PALS once a month,

Brings a creature and tells a story.


Ruth and Naomi Shelter

Caroling at Fifth Avenue Nursing Home

PALS Homeschool at Restoration Rome 2022.


For more information, contact 

Debra Malone at  

To download a registration form:

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