Our Kindergarten teacher is Shannon Godfrey:

“I am happy to be named the new kindergarten teacher at PALS. My husband, Matt, and I were greatly blessed by PALS when our youngest two of 3 children attended here. I have a passion for working with young children and hope to inspire growth and learning as we embark on the adventure that is kindergarten!”

• a half-day kindergarten class – 9 a.m. til 1 p.m.

• 4 days per week – Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays

August through May

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We limit our class to 16 children, with one teacher and one teacher’s aide.

Why PALS Kindergarten is the Right Choice

for Your Child:

Our primary goal is to prepare children for success in first grade.

We cover all the Georgia standards for Kindergarten and use DIBELS testing, the same assessment used by both Rome City and Floyd County Schools.

We also provide a gap-year Kindergarten for children with summer birthdays.

Our half-day program with small class size and hands-on learning give younger children an extra year to mature while still being challenged.

And for families who plan to homeschool:

PALS kindergarten provides an excellent educational foundation, upon which parents can build.

This article is several years old.  Please see Tuition below, for updated tuition rates.


Hands-on Math and Science   •  Writing every day

We also work on these concepts:

Name and write upper and lowercase letters, with the sound

Name and write upper and lowercase letters, with the sounds

Rhyming words

Read high frequency words

Read emergent level text for purpose and understanding

Write multiple sentences with proper spacing, capitalization, punctuation and meaningful content

Count to 100 by ones and tens     •     Write numbers 0-20

Represent a number of objects with a written number & count to & answer how many

Addition and subtraction word problems within 10

Put objects into categories and sort those categories by count

Identify 2D and 3D shapes



Rome City Police & Rome Fire Station #1     •     Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville

EcoCenter at Ridge Ferry Park     •     Carlton Farms in Rockmart

Rome Braves


Tuition for Fall 2023 for Kindergarten


Registration/Curriculum fee….. $125

co-op full tuition

4 days/week . . . . . $240/month.         $285/month

3 days/week . . . . . $230/month.         $275/month

2 days/week . . . . . $220/month.         $265/month

1 day /week . . . . . .$95/month.           $130/month

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays
To download registration form and media release form: