PALS is Open . . .

And we taking these steps to keep your child safe at PALS

  • Sign-in/drop-off on the porch of building A.
  • Touchless Temperature check of anyone entering the building.
  • Parents wear masks when out of their cars, signing children in & out.
  • Children in PreK & Kindergarten classes wear masks in the building.
  • Water fountains used as only a bottle-or-cup fill station.
  • An intensified cleaning regimen for toys at the end of day
  • Steam mops to clean the floors at the end of the day.
  • Children eat, as usual, in their own classrooms.
  • No mixed/combined classes for Special classes or playground
  • Pick-up also on the porch of the church.
  • Our AC/heating units include an outdoor air return, for good air circulation.