Coronavirus Updates. . .

PALS follows the Floyd County Schools for school closures.  That means that we are closed for the rest of this school year.

We are SO sad!  This is not how we wanted to end this PALS year.  We miss our children and their parents.

To help our PALS families during this time, we have created a PALS YouTube channel, with videos of chapel, stories and songs. Please subscribe to our channel and share this with friends who have preschool children.

Dawn Therber, our Kindergarten teacher, has a Facebook Live class every morning, to keep our kindergarteners on track for first grade in the Fall.

Our Facebook group is available to all PALS families. While it is a closed group, if you have registered your child for Fall 2020, you may join us.  We add activities, resources and suggestions for families who are sheltering in place, every day.